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Bubbles and foam...

Journal Entry: Thu Jul 8, 2010, 1:05 PM

Marion Christine Haßold Photography 2010 |


so much work at the studio, we got great outdoorshootings this year. on july 25th, i am a pro-photographer for exactly one year. it's the date on my certification. wow. what a year. i have learned so unbelievable much in that one year. after hundreds of business, baby, family, wedding, portrait, nude, erotic and more shootings i really AM a experienced portrait-photograper now. </b>

our new kitty
i say "our" cause tom likes cats now.
luna feels home now...i am sad for leaving her alone every morning, would buy her a friend, but she so hates other cats. wish we had a garden instead of a road so she could go outside.

Bubbles and foam!

i did some bubble shots, so i feature your's now :)
did you know that bubble-soap was invented in germany? it is called Pustefix and a man made invented it after war for the kids.
see for history here:

my own:
Bubbles... by Finvara give me magic 7 by Finvara give me magic 6 by Finvara give me magic 4 by Finvara give me magic 5 by Finvara give me magic III by Finvara give me magic II by Finvara give me magic I by Finvara peacock by Finvara the goddess by Finvara Schaumbad by Finvara

great bubbles and foam by other deviants:
bubbles. by FalseReality13 bubbles II by Freeq22:thumb91043423: bubbles I by Freeq22 bubble by SweetShading:thumb65933883: Can you swallow this bubble? by EyeInFocus:thumb61830939: bubble by eugnachs Foam by S-t-r-a-n-g-e Flying Foam by benjackson Foam tracks by arqhugo foam roof 3 by turkmakro Sea Foam I by Crafedo-Esquire soap bubbles by koksuel:thumb162357767::thumb62093850: Soap 3 by cls62 soap. by rcameraw

THX for reading, yours Finvara
Id Spring by Finvara


1. What camera do you use?


a SLR, a EOS 350D with 8.2 mpx (no longer on the market, new model is 400D and 450D) with a Sigma Kitlens 18-50mm 3,5-5,6 and a Sigma Macro 50mm, sometimes i also use a Zenitar 12mm (intented to be a analog lens so the quality is low) i have a plastic tripod, a grey filter and an infrared filter, also an extern canon flash.
I also use a casio exilim z750, that was my first and still is my travel cam.

2010: today i often borrow a eos 5d mark 2, mark 1 or 7d from our studio and use it with various lenses.

2. how did you...?

i can not explain so good in english, browse through the tutorials on DA (like i did) and i am sure most of your questions will be answered.

3 can i use...?

no for blogs. no for layouts. no. only for drawing, i am sick of being ripped of shameless on myspace and photobucket. even if you do not steal, others may steal it from you and spread it around. i have to live from what i do, so please pay the licence and buy it. i do not have an extra job to earn money, and i really need the money, i i get 300 a month in my educatinal job and work hard to buy myself a better camera one day. please respect that! if you collect photos save them on your hard drive or on private accounts, i will go after anybody uploading my stuff without permission. and a big thank you to those who send me notes for copyright violations

4 i do not like your watermarks, they are ugly

please read 3. and try to understand. i used to have no watermarks and i call myself an idiot for it now everyday. how would you feel if people steal money from your pocket? would you like to starve to do people a favor? i live from my photography and believe me, as a photography-student i have to live from other peoples money and depend on others help. i can not even pay my rent and work more than 12 hours a day. so if you still got a problem with a watermark just leave my site and go somehwere else. you can also send me money via paypal, buy the photo and i can send you the photo without watermark...ok?

5. since when do you photograph?

since 2005, i started here on 2003 wih comic drawings and stuff, 2005 i bought my first camera. seems like yestreday, time passes so extremly fast now. i take photos every day. i am addicted or something, a crazy person. i can not even walk around without thinking of making photos of the things i see.


Please note that I am the owner/copyright holder to all images I have uploaded here. I retain ALL rights They may NOT be COPIED, REPRODUCED, ALTERED in any way. You do NOT have permission to save, download, print for personal use. You may NOT use the pictures for layouts, blogs, websites, myspace, banners, designs, posters, cd, books etc. WITHOUT obtaining a license from me, or at least MY EXPRESS WRITTEN PERMISSION. These are NOT stock photo's.
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  • Eating: too much pizza
  • Drinking: too much beer
FoamBubbles Featured By Owner Oct 1, 2010
Bubbleeeesss!!! :D
I love them all! Beautiful photos!
SincerelyStephanie Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2010
This is awesome, love all the photos <3
monnaie Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2010
thank you!
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